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The Pioneer is a true rowing boat in the tradition of the larger gigs, fast but easy to row.

The Pioneer rowing boat is used by scout groups, rowing clubs, hire companies and private individuals.

It can be used by a family or small group to come together to keep fit, socialise and generally enhance personal wellbeing.

Being on the water with friends or family allows time together and a life style choice that encourages mental wellbeing and social interaction.

This boat is also ideal as a training vessel for traditional gig clubs as this can have up to 4 rowing positions and a coxswain.

Like all our models, the Skur Pioneer is built to high standards by experienced boat builders; all our boats are hand built in Cornwall to RCD standards.

Pioneer Specification:

The Skur Pioneer is a mock clinker GRP hull, Iroko wood throughout with a choice of oiled or varnish finished, stainless steel hardware.

Any hull colours from the RAL catalogue can be implemented.

Fitted with Marine ply rudder and yoke with control lines.

Available with either thole pins or rowlocks.


Skur® Boats are lovingly hand built by experts in Cornwall. Quality craftsmanship from years of experience and passion go into every boat we build.