18ft Pioneer Rowing Boat from Skur Boats
Skur 18ft Pioneer Rowing Boat
February 2, 2017



The Naw 9ft dinghy is is very easy to row and sail making it a great choice for fun or exercise.

The Naw dinghy that is valued for its use as a small rowing dinghy which slips through the water with next to no effort

The Naw can be used with a small outboard motor, or simply as a small rowboat just for enjoying the water; it also works well as a tender to a larger boat.

Like all our models, the Skur® Naw 9ft is built to high standards by experienced boat builders. Our boats are hand built in Cornwall to RCD standards.

Naw Specification:

The Naw 9ft Dinghy has a fibreglass hull, Iroko wood throughout with choice of oiled or varnish finished, Stainless Steel hardware. The hull can be any colour from the RAL catalogue.

We also offer a sailing version with either a traditional Lug sail or Gaff Rig. Please contact us for details and prices.

Personalisation options include:

  • Bronze hardware
  • Traditional Rope rubbing rail
  • Lifting eyes for use with davits
  • Traditional wooden sole-boards
  • Oars
  • Boat cover
  • Cushions
  • Road Trailer
  • Others on request

Skur® Boats are lovingly hand built by experts in Cornwall. Quality craftsmanship from years of experience and passion go into every boat we build.