Skur Boats 9ft Dinghy
Cornish Naw 9ft Rowing/Sailing Dinghy
December 14, 2020



The Cornish Mylor rowboat is a traditional looking, beautiful boat.

This boat has beautiful lines which makes it row well. It can be rowed by one person. With up to Two fixed seat rowing stations, with gunnel-mounted oarlocks enabling two rowers to row at the same time in tandem. Or you can pop an outboard on the back and sit back and let the motor do the work. This can be either a 4hp power outboard or an electric trolling outboard motor.

All our boats are custom made at our workshop in Cornwall, they are built to last for many years, providing many hours of rowing pleasure for generations of rowing. All of our boats are mostly custom made, which allows our customers to have a personal input into their dream boat and gives our rowers many years of pleasure. All of our boats are built to RCD standards which gives peace of mind to all of our customers and rowers.

As with all of our boats, this boat fits right at home on or off the water. Either on the back of a Yacht, moored on a pontoon or a trailer, or being rowed gracefully through the water. There is plenty of room for one or two fixed rowing positions, a friend and/or your dog, perfect for a family!. This boat is perfect for rowing on lakes and rivers. Our 14ft traditional Mylor rows perfectly and with the long keel, it keeps the boat tracking straight even in wind and waves.

Cornish Mylor Specification:

The Mylor is a clinker/lapstrake fibreglass hull, which can be any colour from the RAL chart, comes complete with solid iroko hardwood, stainless steel hardware, and its builder’s plate.Like all our boats, this looks just like a traditional wooden rowing boat

The Cornish Mylor 14ft rowboat can be configured to your needs.

Please contact us for a brochure with full price list and options.


Skur® Boats are lovingly hand built by experts in Cornwall. Quality craftsmanship from years of experience and passion go into every boat we build.