Skur® Mara Work/Fishing Boat/Panga

Introducing the Skur™ Mara

Skur Mara 8m

The Skur™ Mara is a design by Richard Wills in conjunction with Skur Boats to provide a monohull Panga type work/fishing boat at a reasonable cost. The hull comes in a range of sizes from 19ft to 28ft approx.

Please contact us regarding options and your requirements.

Below some details of the larger boat

Length 8.27m

Beam 2.2m

Base Boat £27.000


  • Cuddy – 2 types will be offered as well as complete open boat.

  • Mooring gear

  • Deck gear

  • Engine Controls

  • Steering

  • Mooring Lines

  • Basic Wiring

  • Nav Lights

  • Basic VHF Fixed (can be upgraded)

  • Fuel Tank

Max engine size 150 hp and max speed 30 knots (35 knots in ideal conditions and light loads).

Ideal Hull speed 20 to 25 knots economically.

Above speeds depend on engines and load

Skur Mara 8m

Skur Mara 8m

Skur Mara

Skur Mara