Our Boats

Skur 18 foot Pioneer. Suitable for 4 rowers plus a coxswain, fully steerable and available for just £4500.00. Contact us.

Family Rowing Boat at Beale Park 2017

Full specs below:

New Build Pioneer Rowing Boat, GRP mock clinker hull with white oak and hardwood trim. Fore and aft buoyancy tanks plus 3 buoyancy chambers fitted as thwart supports.

Fitted with marine ply rudder and yoke with control lines.

Available with either Thole pins or rowlocks.

Extras available – please ask for prices.

Oars from – £200 each

Launching trolley

Road trailer Approx £1500.00

Custom cover (Top cover £132 or £240 in acrylic material)

Skur 9ft Dinghy and Lug Sail

9ft Dinghy

9ft Dinghy from the Transom

9ft Dinghy

9ft Dinghy With Lug Sail up

9ft Dinghy on the water with rig up just being rowed

New Build Family 9ft GRP Mock clinker Dinghy

Skur 9ft Rowing Dinghy £1580.00

Skur 9ft Dinghy with Lug Sail and oars £2570.00

Skur Bare hull Dinghy for home completion £940.00

Wood-pack for 9ft home completion Dinghy, please call for details

9ft rowing, sailing Dinghy is finished with hardwood through out

Skur Dinghy woodwork is finished in a high gloss varnish

Comes with hard wood folding rudder which is attached to hardwood Tiller

Skur 9ft rowing and sailing Dinghy is very easy to row and sail.

Demo rowing and sailing Dinghy is for sale complete with lug rig and oars, please call Skur Boats for details.