Another 18ft Pioneer rowing boat being built, Clinker Style.

12ft Tolv rowing boat
Our Latest 12ft Tolv Clinker Style Rowing Boat
February 28, 2022
Our Latest 12ft Tolv Clinker Style Rowing Boat Now Finished ready for Delivery
March 19, 2022

We’ve been busy building 2nd hull only kit form 18ft Pioneer rowing boat for Scotland.

These 18ft rowing boats allow up to 4 persons and a coxswain, these boats are very stable to row.

This version is offered as a kit form, the hull only includes stainless steel keel band, fore and aft buoyancy chambers, and up to 3 rowing buoyancy chambers, we can also adjust the inside to any customer needs, contact us for more info.

All our boats are built using fibreglass materials supplied by Fibreglass Supplies Plymouth

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