About Skur Boats

Skur Boats was founded by Debbie Massey and Husband Colin based near Liskeard, in Cornwall in 2016.

From the beginning Debbie’s passion and goals was to bring back small boat building back to Cornwall. She has been involved with boats since 2003 when she bought and renovated her 9-ton Hillyard with her husband, since then Debbie has sailed around the south Coast of England, Guernsey and Brittaney, during this time she studied Marine Engineering at Southampton College.

Debbie spent several years in Chichester Marina doing general contracting and maintenance work on a number of different vessels before moving on to be employed at Beaucette Marina in Guernsey. Having returned to Cornwall, she is now the proprietor of Skur® Boats.

Debbie and her Husband have a hands-on approach to Skur® Boats

At Skur® Boats we have a passion for building high quality fibreglass boats for individuals or group rowing, with the option of an inboard or outboard motor, the hand built boats are built using high quality fibreglass, Iroko and marine grade Stainless steel. Our popular range of traditional clinker style rowing boats are hand built in our workshop in Cornwall, our Skur® boats range from 9ft Naw, 12ft Tolv, 14ft Mylor and 18ft Pioneer, produced since 2016. These hand-built traditional style clinker boats built by Skur® Boats are personal and unique to the customer with their input every stage of the build. Whether you are looking for a new yacht tender, angling boat, a tough practical/training, rowing/motor boat or a beautiful personalised Rowing boat to get out on the water and have fun with family and friends then Skur Boats can help and guild you through what you want, we are always happy to talk about boats to any enthusiast, you will always go away happy; if our customers are happy, Skur® Boats is happy. Our customers are our number one priority.
Environmental Considerations
The environment and protecting it, is a key concern for Skur Boats. Debbie and Colin are keeping up to date with all the latest in plant based epoxies to ensure that when these technologies advance they can be implemented into their boat building techniques.

All wood off cuts are recycled where possible and made in to bread boards and bird houses and more.

SKUR, noun; also skurr, scurr

Skur is an old Scottish word for good fishing grounds.