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Our Skur 18ft Pioneer, Rowing boat, Mini Gig is now registered in The Great River Race under Skur Mini Gig. Also the 18ft Rowing boat has its own class, this way if there is more than one of our Skur Pioneer, rowing boats entered in the Great River Race then Skur Boats will present a prize to the winner. The Skur 18ft Rowing boat, Gig takes up to 4 rowing positions and one cox, the rowing boat is very stable but also fast. The rowing boat is built out of GRP and finished with wooden Gunwales and Inwhales, Thwarts etc, the rowing boat is mock clinker but looks like a traditional wooden rowing boat.

One of the Skur 18ft Pioneer, rowing boats entered The Great River Race last year and this customer was very pleased with the results, the crew managed to complete the race and improve on last years time (in a hire boat) by about 30 minuets.

The Skur 18ft Pioneer, Mini Gig, Rowing boats can be hired for The Great River Race and the Head of The Dart Race from Skur Boats, also the Rowing boat can be hired for any other race in the UK.

For the hire of the boats we can deliver and pick up the rowing boat from an agreed location, the boat will be supplied with oars, mooring lines and bailer. Skur Boats will do our best to make sure that you get the best option for hire, time and cost. Skur boats, rowing boats can also be hired for camping expeditions or holidays. So if your dream has been to row and camp the Thames, or the Great Glen or bits in-between please talk to Skur Boats and we will attempt to help you achieve your dream.

Please contact Skur Boats for details.

18ft Pioneer rowing boat for hire

18ft Pioneer rowing boat for hire

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